About us

In April 2013, the NHS changed so that local doctors and other medical professionals and patients can have more influence in how and what the NHS spends its money on. Local doctors/general practitioners (GPs) formed Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) which are the local organisations responsible for spending the majority of the local health budget on services from hospitals and community nurses to operations and prescriptions.

These changes mean that decisions which affect local people will be made by local clinicians. It also means that local patients, carers and specialist groups are able to directly contribute to improving the services that affect them.

NHS Nene Clinical Commissioning Group (Nene CCG) commission services on behalf of the 692,600 patients across Daventry, Northampton, Wellingborough, Kettering, East Northamptonshire and South Northamptonshire. This means that the services that you receive following a visit to one of the 66 GP surgeries and at the two hospitals in Northamptonshire have been largely commissioned by us. 

We have put systems and processes in place to ensure that clinicians and patients are at the heart of our decision making. Nene CCG covers a large area and we know that the towns and villages within the area are different. This is why we have divided our 66 GP surgeries into three localities.


The South Locality

  • South Northants
  • Daventry North

The North Locality

  • Kettering
  • East Northants
  • Wellingborough

Northampton Locality

  • Northampton Central
  • Northampton East / South
  • Northampton West

These different health needs can only truly be met by each of our practices and localities developing strong local engagement, and working with local communities to drive improvements in quality.

*Corby GP practices have formed their own Clinical Commissioning Group, Corby Clinical Commissioning Group. Nene CCG will work closely with Corby CCG to help make Northamptonshire a healthier place to live. 

The Joint Corby CCG and Nene CCG Operating Plan sets out the on-going plan for the delivery of health and care in Northamptonshire in 2018/19. The plan supports the wider Northamptonshire Health Care Partnership’s proposals as we enter year three of the national five-year plan; the NHS constitution; and the NHS Mandate. You can read the plan here.

Commissioning Intentions

Each year, as part of the planning cycle, NHS Nene CCG  is required to issue commissioning intentions to each of our providers. The 19/20 commissioning intentions were developed jointly with NHS Corby CCG. 

Partner Organisations

We commission and fund the county’s major healthcare providers and work in partnership with local authorities and other organisations around the county. Click below for more infomation:

Last updated: 24/06/2019