Quality Strategy 2019-2021

While building upon the progress the CCGs’ 2017-2021 Quality Strategy this strategy represents a step change in a collective commitment to a county wide approach to quality across both health and social care. In order to mark this change, rather than an update to the previous strategy, the 2019-2021 Quality Strategy is presented as a separate and discrete document in which the CCGs’ key role in leading and enabling the embedding of the Northamptonshire Health and Care Partnership (NHCP) to drive and support change.


We see this strategy as both supporting what we do well and also in helping us to continually strive to improve and drive forward opportunities for transformational commissioning through a collaborative approach with our providers while still maintaining  quality assurance of commissioned services. We recognise that the success of the NHCP in ensuring the continual improvements to safe and effective care is predicated on the strength and maturity of relationships and the ability of partners to work across traditional boundaries. As such the quality of the care the people of Northamptonshire receive will be defined by the shared success of the NHCP. This is also in keeping with local progress on the NHS Long-Term Plan that every area will be served by an integrated care system by 2021. 


The updated quality strategy also maintains the Northamptonshire CCGs’ ability as to assure the quality of the services commissioned for our patients, through focus on the effectiveness, safety and the experience of that care.


As Clinical Chairs of the CCGs we commend and support this strategy.   


Darin 3

Dr Darin Seiger

GP Chair, NHS Nene Clinical Commissioning Group

jo 4

Dr Joanne Watt

Clinical Chair, NHS Corby Clinical Commissioning Group

Last updated: 25/09/2019