GP surgeries achieve recognition for their support for carers

Three GP surgeries in Northamptonshire have received awards for their support for unpaid family carers. Long Buckby Medical Centre, Langham Place Surgery and Greens Norton and Weedon Medical Centre have all received Investors in Carers GP Standard accreditation awards.

The Investors in Carers GP Standard accreditation awards were launched by Northamptonshire Carers in January 2014 to encourage and help general practice staff to support carers better. Eighteen surgeries in Northamptonshire have received an award.

It is recognised that carers do not easily come forward, and that GPs and their teams are in the best possible position to identify carers at all points in their caring life. Since the awards have been introduced the identification and referral for support of carers by GP staff has increased by 120%.

As many as one in ten people are carers and in Northamptonshire alone there are over 70,000 known carers. Not only do carers make a significant difference to the lives of the people that they care for, they also save the State an estimated £132 billion a year – close to the cost of a second NHS.*

Mark Major, Director of Northamptonshire Carers said:

 “Achieving the GP Investors in Carers Standard accreditation is pivotal in helping surgeries provide the best possible support for carers and ultimately improve the life of their patients.

“Carers often remain unaware of what help is available to them and the person they look after, which can result in crisis. If carers are well supported, they report better wellbeing outcomes themselves and are able to provide better care to the person they care for.”

Dr Darin Seiger, Chair of NHS Nene CCG, said:

“We are delighted that three more GP surgeries in Northamptonshire have received the Investors in Carers GP Standard accreditation award. This is an important initiative that recognises the invaluable support that our GP surgeries in the county provide to carers. We are pleased that examples of excellent partnership working between GP surgeries and carers have received the recognition they deserve.

“Your GP should know if you are a carer so they can offer health checks and offer appointments that fit in with your situation. Telling your GP can also trigger advice services that will help carers to access information about respite support available in your local community.”