New smartphone waiting times app helps patients locate NHS services in Northamptonshire

People in Northamptonshire can now access real-time information about waiting times at the county's NHS urgent care facilities – thanks to the launch of a new smartphone app.

The app, called WaitLess, enables those in need of urgent but non-life-threatening care to quickly see how long the wait is at both Kettering and Northampton General Hospitals and Corby Urgent Care Centre. It will even factor in journey times using live traffic and travel information to help them choose the most appropriate treatment location for their condition or injury.

Developed by Transforming Systems, WaitLess aims to reduce the pressure on the county's urgent and emergency care services by spreading demand and helping patients to make an informed choice about where to go for treatment.

More about WaitLess:

  • WaitLess is an app that can support you to get urgent treatment faster for minor injuries and illnesses that require urgent attention but are not life-threatening
  • The app uses real-time waiting time data from urgent care centres across Northamptonshire
  • It allows you to make an inormed choice for where to get urgent care within Northants
  • WaitLess aims to support a reduction in waiting times for urgent care by signposting people with minor injuries and illnesses that are not life threatening away from the busiest centres
  • Activity is spread more evenly across the system, supporting pressurised A&E departments to dedicate their capacity to the care of patients with life threatening injuries and illnesses
  • Search the app Store or Google Play for 'WaitLess' on your Smartphone

Simon Weldon, chief executive at Kettering General Hospital and urgent and emergency care lead for Northamptonshire Health and Care Partnership, said: “When people need urgent treatment for an injury or medical condition they often head straight to their nearest hospital – but with demand and waiting times constantly changing, the closest location isn't always the best. WaitLess allows people to quickly view the local urgent care and minor injury facilities where they can go for treatment and how long they are likely to wait to be seen there. Not only does this enable them to choose the most appropriate location for their needs but it also helps to reduce pressure on our busy services. That's especially important at this time of year when demand for urgent and emergency care is particularly high.”

Kate Holt, CEO of Healthwatch Northamptonshire, said: “Healthwatch is pleased to see the launch of this app, which puts data into the hands of people and helps them to make an informed choice about where to seek care, benefitting them and the county's health and care system.”

Downloading the WaitLess app is easy; search the Apple app Store or Google Play for 'WaitLess' on your smartphone. The WaitLess service is designed for people seeking treatment for minor injuries and medical conditions requiring urgent but non-emergency treatment.

For life-threatening emergencies, people should continue to dial 999. Urgent NHS medical advice is also available by calling111 or online at


How do I download the WaitLess app?

Search the app store or Google Play for 'WaitLess' on your Smartphone

Is the WaitLess app compatible with all mobile devices?

The app is available for smartphones or tablets running Android or iOS operating systems

What areas does the WaitLess app cover?

The app shows the waiting times for minor injuries at Corby Urgent Care Centre, Kettering and Northamptonshire General Hospitals

Can I access the WaitLess app from a website?

We plan to make the app available from a website in the future