Northampton Emergency Hub Practices

Three GP Practices in Northampton are teaming up to provide their 33,000 patients with a new way to access emergency, same-day appointments. The new pilot service, launched in response to patient feedback, is being introduced on 1 December 2016 by Langham Place, Leicester Terrace and Greenview Surgeries in Northampton. 

One of the major issues that patients identified was a lack of available pre-bookable appointments. The three practices' response is to arrange for all emergency appointments to be seen at a single surgery. This pilot project will happen each week on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. By having a single surgery delivering all emergency appointments, the other two practices will be able to offer significantly more routine appointments.

The practices will take turns to be on emergency appointments duty. Patients can book appointments as normal by ringing their own practice to book telephone or face to face appointments, they will be informed which surgery to go to. While this pilot project is in operation, each practice will retain responsibility for visiting its own patients up until 12 noon on those days. After 12, afternoon emergency visits will be done by the practice that is on emergency appointments duty.

The pilot project will initially run for four months to give staff and patients time to assess the service and provide valuable feedback.

Under the new system, receptionists will ask a number of questions about patients' healthcare needs to ensure to that each patient is seen by the right professional for the care they require. Patients can expect the following process to take place:

Monday's, Tuesday's and Thursday's:

  • Patients call their current registered practice for an emergency same day appointment.
  • Receptionists will ask for the patients symptoms and if this is an ongoing issue or a new issue.
  • Receptionists will book an appointment with the appropriate professional, this could be a Practice Nurse, a Nurse Practitioner or a Doctor.
  • The receptionist will then inform the patient which surgery their appointment will take place at and what time appointments are available.

*If an emergency home visit is required this will be completed by your current practice up until 12 noon, after 12 noon all emergency home visits will be completed by the practice that is on emergency appointments duty.

Wednesday's and Friday's:

  • Patients call their own practice for an emergency same day appointment.
  • Patients will be provided with an appointment at their current practice as they are now.

*All emergency home visits will be completed by your current practice.

For more information about the three practices taking part in this pilot service please use the following links:

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