Remembering the legacy of a much valued colleague

Remembering the legacy of a much valued colleague

It is with great sadness NHS Nene CCG informs you that Roz Horton, our Patient Champion on our Governing Body suddenly passed away in hospital on the morning of 26th December following a brain haemorrhage.

Dr Darin Seiger, GP Chair said: “Roz was a much-loved and respected friend and colleague who worked tirelessly within Northamptonshire to make sure that our health care system was always responsive to the needs of our patients. She was our patient champion and worked with local clinicians to deliver the best possible care. Roz always made sure that the voice of the patient was central to our decision making, using her wide experience as a patient to shape services and hold organisations to account.

“She was a much-valued lay member of the Nene CCG Governing Body, and a passionate chair of the Nene Patient Congress and her legacy will always be to  ensure that the voice of the patient was heard, and concerns acted upon.“

Roz, 47, trained as a Chartered Physiotherapist, and worked clinically in the UK and Australia. She continued to work in the education field, and as a clinician, for several years and was involved with several innovative projects including working with the British Army on how they shaped their services. Roz was one of the founding members of the CCG, having joined us when we started in 2011..

Dr Seiger added: “Most importantly, Roz was a warm, kind, caring and committed individual and an example to us all of someone who had used her own health issues as a platform to improve care for others.  In keeping with her compassionate nature, she has donated her organs to help others after her death, which has provided great comfort to her family.”