School's out, Stay active

As kids across the country eagerly anticipate that final school bell signaling the official start of summer, parents grow anxious at the prospect of entertaining and funding six weeks' worth of fun-filled family time. But health leaders are reassuring mums and dads that there are numerous cost effective summer solutions right at their fingertips to keep the little ones busy indoors or out.

First, visit the Change4Life website: ( ), enter your postcode, select whether it's an indoor or outdoor activity you'd like  and the number of children involved, and a range of local activities will appear to choose from.

Physical activity is essential for a child's health. It helps them develop strong bones and muscles, maintain a healthy weight and helps promote their independence. Most of all, physical activity can be great fun for all the family.

Your local council will be organising sports clubs, theatre groups and various other events during the summer, so keep an eye on their website.

It's important that children stay active and enjoy the outdoors during their time away from the classroom. There are so many opportunities for children and families to be active in the Northampton area. So, would urge everyone to make time for outings to the local parks, wood or nature reserves and get the kids walking, running and playing. Cycling is a very cheap form of exercise and one that can be enjoyed by all ages.