Kathryn Moody

Kathryn Moody
Director of Contracting & Delivery

Being responsible for ensuring that the clinical services from a wide range of health organisations are delivered in line with requirements is a responsibility that many people would not want, but for NHS Nene Clinical Commissioning Group Director of Contracting and Procurement, Kathryn Moody, managing complex contracts and relationships is something that she is used to. Kathryn has been working with the local NHS since 1996 and in her time has been responsible for the awarding and management of a range of contracts.

For the first time in the history of the NHS, major changes are afoot as GPs across the country take responsibility for managing their own budgets and agreeing service contracts with a wide range of organisations to ensure that the right services are in place for patients. Within Northamptonshire, those contracts for clinical services are largely provided by Northampton General Hospital, Kettering General Hospital and Northamptonshire Healthcare, although they also cover care homes, ambulance services, other out of county hospitals, and some primary care services.

Kathryn explains,"The vast majority of our £650 million government funding is spent on clinical services for Nene's population. As a commissioning group, it is up to us to contract with providers to ensure they are providing the services we want our population to receive, with the right levels of quality and responsiveness. In order to deliver this, we have a wide range of contracts with a wide range of providers, who are all required to deliver against a range of measures. Whilst the CCG uses a national contract written by the National Commissioning Board, we work hard to ensure each contract has a local flavour, reflecting the needs of the local population, and to do that we make sure we are working with the public, member GPs, and provider organisations to identify and address the right issues."

To ensure that the services being provided are in line with the contracts, as Director of Contracting, Kathryn receives a range of information that shows how each contract is doing in terms of the treatments taking place, the money being spent and the quality and performance of the providers concerned. Regular discussions with providers and contract managers take place to ensure that any problems are identified and addressed.

As for Kathryn’s thoughts about the new commissioning arrangements, she said: “Having been involved in contracts and contracting for several years, the new arrangements mean that we are now in a position to bring together the more managerial disciplines involved in contracting and contract management with meaningful, informed, clinical discussions and decision-making. Because GPs see the impact of both good and bad contracting decisions in their consulting rooms they are hugely keen to get involved and make changes to the types of services being provided for their patients. We're very much at the start of our journey, but I'm confident that we have created the right environment to make real changes to local healthcare and face the undoubted challenges ahead."