Our Work

We are part of the Northamptonshire Health and Wellbeing Board, who have the responsibility of ensuring that the commissioning plans of CCGs, social care and public health reflect the priorities, objectives and actions set out in its Health and Wellbeing Strategy, promoting joint commissioning wherever it is sensible to do so. Our aligned priorities include:

  • children’s welfare
  • people taking greater control over their health and wellbeing to lead healthier lifestyles
  • the strategy for vulnerable adults
  • the elderly living as independently as possible.

Our frail and elderly programme will develop better ways of caring for vulnerable people in our community, reducing the reliance on hospital based care, and helping people to remain healthy at home.

Between January and April 2012, 13,000 people in Northamptonshire told us what they felt the priorities for healthcare should be. Since then, thousands more patients and members of the public have attended events at GP surgeries and community halls as well as coming along to local meetings to be involved in discussions about specific priorities and plans for improving services.

Our health profiling work has clearly identified the major health needs in each locality. A lot of the services we commission are in response to ill health but we need to move to a system that has an emphasis on preventing ill health. The way we can do this is by tackling ‘big’ issues head on and commission services that:

  • Prevent premature death as a result of heart disease, stroke and cancer
  • Improve how we manage longer term chronic conditions such as diabetes and asthma
  • Improve health by reducing the number of people who are obese, smoke and drink too much alcohol
  • Change the way we deliver services so that we can improve the quality of patient care as well as releasing money to invest in new and innovative treatments

 For further informaiton on our plans and priorities for 2013/14, view our Shaping your local healthcare prospectus

Commissioning Intentions

We are pleased to present our summary commissioning intentions which sets out how Nene CCG plan to commission services from providers in 2015/16. Aimed primarily at our current and prospective providers, it describes how we intend to shape the local health economy to meet the needs of our population now and in the future.

We encourage feedback from patients, the public, clinicians, providers and other stakeholders in order to inform our final commissioning plan for 2015/16 to be published in early 2015.  Please read our summary document and complete the following survey.  Alternatively please see below the questions we would like you to answer.  You can email your views to involvement.nene@nhs.net


1.Where in Northamptonshire do you live?
2.What has been you/your family's most recent experience of health or social care?
3.Based on this, how do you think services be improved?
4.In terms of the summary of our plans, is there anything that we have missed out and should include?
5.How could we work with you more in order to give patients more of a say in improving our health and social care services?

The full document can be viewed here.  Nene CCG 2015/16 Commissioning Intentions.

Through our engagement plans we are proceeding against our local health and social care priorities as well as continuing progress against national priorities as outlined by NHS England. The engagement plans set out here align with our strategic aims and objectives, as articulated in the Northamptonshire CCGs 5-Year Strategic Plan 2014–2019 and proof of concept work under ‘Healthier Northamptonshire’, reflect the needs and priorities set out in the Northamptonshire Health and Wellbeing Strategy In Everyone’s Interest, and respond to the views and comments expressed by our local population through Call to Action public events focussed around priority areas and how the NHS needs to change.

Our intention is to work with providers, social care partners and patients to ensure that high quality, sympathetic, safe and affordable health and care services are provided and delivered at the right time and in the most appropriate setting. In line with Healthier Northamptonshire we will support and operate collaboratively with our partners and ensure that our plans are aimed at increasing the long-term financial sustainability of the Northamptonshire Health Economy.

Last updated: 10/06/2019