Public & Patient Involvement

The vision of NHS Nene CCG is:

“To help people lead the best possible life from beginning to end”

NHS Nene CCG is responsible for improving health and planning health services on behalf of our local population, working with our NHS hospitals, Trusts, other care providers, the council, charities, voluntary groups, patients and communities.

But we need to involve people from all walks of life in this to make sure we get it right. What you think, your experiences of healthcare, your ideas for what does and doesn’t work to keep people healthy are massively important. We want to make sure the decisions we take are shaped by the people we serve. 

We're constantly looking for people to get involved in shaping health services. How involved you choose to do this is entirely up to you - we offer lots of different ways to share your views, from online surveys to face-to-face events. Find out more about how you can get involved here (link to page with content below)

Every part of the population matters to us. The CCG has worked with our partners in Northamptonshire to build a network of contacts for those parts of the population which are heard less often. (link to engaging our communities page – content is further down) We continue to grow the network and build on these relationships. 

Every year we also hold an Annual General Meeting which is open to the public. Here we talk about what we have achieved over the past 12 months and our plans for the coming year. It’s also another opportunity to ask us questions about healthcare services for local people.

If you're also looking for information about how we the views of patients and the public have informed decisions about services, please visit our You said, we did page.

Last updated: 16/01/2020