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Nene membership

The Nene membership is open for anybody to join and is one way of finding out about news in your local area and have the opportunity to have your say.

The membership reflects the eight locality areas. In each locality there are locality engagement groups which together form the Nene membership. Each local engagement group:

  • has the flexibility to be able create its own way of working. In addition to regular meetings for example, there may be focus groups, special research projects and consultations that members can be involved in. It is recognised that not everyone will want to attend meetings. It is expected therefore, that a member will be able to play a full part in the engagement process by using additional methods such as letters, emails, web and social media such as Facebook or Twitter
  • has a patient chair elected by the members
  • has, through its elected chair, a direct input into the Nene Patient Congress who advises the Nene Commissioning Governing Body
  • will work closely with the GP chair and its Senior Locality Manager
  • receive ongoing feedback from the Patient Congress through the elected chair and in addition the local GP Board Chair and locality manager will also ensure that there is feedback on local issues 

The members of Nene CCG can be as involved as they want to be from becoming an elected Chair right through to simply receiving an occasional email.

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Last updated: 27/06/2019