Our Engagement structure

Patient and public participation is at the very heart of the way Nene Clinical Commissioning Group operates, starting at the front line of healthcare. Direct engagement with our local population feeds into this structure and ultimately into the decisions made by the CCG’s Governing Body.

engagement structure
  • Patient Participation Groups provide a patient voice in each of Nene’s 66 GP practices. Through their Chairs, their views and experiences are fed into the work of the CCG. Patient Participation Group Chairs meet regularly with the CCG to have input into a wide range of issues.
  • The Patient and Public Participation Committee (PPPC) is a sub-committee of the Nene CCG Governing Body and so reports directly to it. The committee’s primary role is to ensure that the CCG is meeting its public engagement obligations. Members include the Chairs of Nene’s PPGs, GPs and CCG officers. Other invitees include representatives from HealthWatch, Northamptonshire Carers, Voluntary Impact Northamptonshire and the police, and a youth ambassador. The committee receives reports on CCG engagement activity and its impact. It works closely with the PPPC for Corby CCG, through regular combined meetings.
  • The Locality Patient Engagement Groups sits underneath the Patient and Public Participation Committee. The Chairs of each Group is a member of the PPPC to feed-up and feed-down enabling local issues to be taken into consideration and a two-way conversation locality representatives.
  • The CCG Members Group is open to any resident registered with one of our member practices who wants to have a regular say about the local NHS. It provides a useful sounding board for the CCG, providing members for focus groups and other engagement activity. Click here to join.
  • Health and Wellbeing Forums are partnerships of a wide range of organisations committed to enhancing the life of people in East Northants, Kettering, Northampton, South Northants and Wellingborough  – including the CCG, local council, public health, police and voluntary sector, plus the Chairs of Nene’s PPGs.
  • The Governing Body is the main decision-making group for the CCG. It is made up of local GPs, senior CCG officers and lay members. The Chair of Northamptonshire HealthWatch and county’s Director of Public Health also attend.
  • Northamptonshire Health and Wellbeing Board enables key leaders from across Northamptonshire to work together, to identify and address the health needs of local people – in particular, to tackle health inequalities. Members include councillors and council officers (including public health) and senior representatives from the University of Northampton, police, HealthWatch, the voluntary sector and local NHS, including Nene CCG.
  • Northamptonshire Health and Care Partnership is an alliance of local NHS and other organisations (including Nene CCG) working together to deliver systematic improvement, so that local care services are high-quality, sustainable and meeting the needs of local people.  

Supporting our patient leaders

We support our patient leaders in a number of different ways. Please click here to find out more

Last updated: 28/06/2019