Community Pharmacy

Your local Pharmacist can help with many common conditions, with advice and over the counter medication where needed.

Patients who present with minor ailments / conditions (including the following listed below) could be treated quicker and more conveniently through using self care and visiting their pharmacist


Red Flag


Topical products haven’t worked after 6 weeks


Athletes Foot

Diabetic patients


Bites/ stings

Swelling; tummy cramps; fast heart rate; drowsy; fever; puss


Blocked nose


Blood; lasted over 2 weeks; only 1 side blocked

Cold sores/ mouth ulcer


Recurring issues


Severe pain; reduced/blurred vision; sensitive to light


Severe/ongoing  for more than 3 days after Over the Counter advice; weight loss; blood; comorbidities

Cough/ sore throat

Unable to swallow; over 2 weeks (1 week if unable 18); voice change; co-morbities (weak immune system); frequent sore throats



Ongoing; blood; weight loss; persistent


Difficulty swallowing; weight loss; voice change


Without other symptoms

Hay fever


Head lice


Infantile colic

Other symptoms; not gaining weight

Sprain/ strain

Not improving after 4 days; suspect broken; severe pain; bruising





Loss of appetite; weight loss



Pharmacy treatment hasn’t worked for over 2 weeks; over 60; pregnant; under 16

Warts/ verruca

Face or genitals

Last updated: 30/07/2019